Practical Pharmaceutical Expertise for Community and Hospital Pharmacists


Many pharmacists suffer from an interruption in developing their pharmaceutical expertise after graduation, in particular, due to many obstacles, including preoccupation with work life, family life, or other motives. We noticed that pharmacists are complaining about the loss of their drug information and the inability to apply what they learned during their studies. So we designed this course for community and hospital pharmacists to help them restore and refine their pharmacological expertise towards providing better pharmaceutical care in their daily practice. This course also benefits trainee pharmacists (undergraduates) in their final years before graduating as well as other health care providers, including doctors and nurses.


Course Coordinator 

Ramez M. Alkoudmani

Leader Pharmacist, Founder of Pharmind


What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about the most important pharmaceutical tips that you should know as a practising pharmacist or trainee
  • Restoration of your forgets about medication therapy to build on them in the future in our upcoming therapeutic courses
  • Apply what you have learned in your daily practice in community or hospital pharmacies
  • Achieving good pharmacy practice

Topics for this course

17 Lessons10h

Start Here

Week 1: Practical Expertise for Community Pharmacists

Week 2: Practical Expertise for Hospital Pharmacists

Week 3: Drug Interactions Should Pharmacists Know

Week 4: Final Test

About the instructor

Ramez AlKoudmani is Syrian Talented Researcher, Pharmapreneur, Millennial Pharmacy Practice Educator, Decisive, Tireless, Forthright, and Focused Achiever. He believes that the pharmacy profession is in an exceptional position in healthcare settings. Pharmacists are accessible, trusted and medication experts and the future of pharmacy depends on leadership in patient clinical services and patient-centered care. Furthermore, I believe that social media, mHealth, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have promising advantages in healthcare where patients and healthcare professionals are connected smartly towards providing the best health care services.
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Very informative
Thank you

شكرا دكتور رامز كورس قيم وكم من المعلومات المفيدة نحن بحاجتها بوركت جهودك و بانتظار المزيد

يعطيك العافية دكتور .. الكورس ممتع ومميز

بارك الله فيك د.رامز و جعلك ذخر لكل صيادلة العرب...
معلومات قيمة بأسلوب حضاري راقي

منتشكرك عل معلومات المفيدة والقيمة دكتور

This course is very useful and it has enriched my information thank u dr. Ramez

Thanks a lot Dr. Ramiz for the interesting course which enrich my knowledge and expertise.

كورس ممتاز شكرا دكتور رامز

كورس مفيد جدا يحوي معلومات مهمة مع إعطاء سلسل شكرا الك دكتور رامز

كورس رائع جداً وخصوصاً قسم التداخلات الدوائية
شكراً جزيلاً دكتور رامز

شكراً على الكورس المفيد والممتع دكتور رامز

يعطيك العافية د.رامز، تعرفت على معلومات جديدة واستفدت كثيرا

كورس كتير مهم بالممارسة العملية واستفدت منو كتير
مشكور كتير دكتور رامز ولكل افراد الفريق معك
بانتظار المزيد

very interesting .
drug interactions seem to be much easier now.
thank you !

كورس ممتاز شكراً لجهودك دكتور

الكورسات ممتازةجدا يا ريت تمنحنا فرصة ثانية لعمل التاست شكرا ذكتور رامز

Very good course and New information enriched my knowledge thank you dr. Ramez.


Material Includes

  • Videos
  • PDF
  • Tests (MCQs)
  • Certificate of Participation


  • Be a trained or practising pharmacist
  • Be a doctor or nurse
  • To have a desire and interest to follow the entire course over a period of 4 weeks
  • To dedicate at least an hour of your time per week to achieve the course objectives
  • To have a medium to good or very good internet speed to ensure that you can easily follow the course materials
  • To be familiar with e-learning platforms and have an ability to interact with the course contents
  • To complete all assignments related to the course, including discussions and tests

Target Audience

  • Community Pharmacists
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Nurses

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