Social Learning

    Pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health care providers can learn together using social media sites as educational platforms

    Mobile Learning

    You can use your smart phone to learn interactively with other healthcare professionals

    Therapeutic Puzzles

    Game Based Learning (GBL) has been used in Pharmind to make learning more intersting and fun for millennials learners

    Educational Apps

    Educational apps & bots have been developed to share knowledge with thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health care providers

    Our Story

    Pharmind is an Online Educational Community which launched since Aug, 2011 by Ramez M. AlKoudmani, RPh, MSc, PhD. Candidate (Clinical Pharmacy). Pharmind helps to connect Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students in one e-platform and use emerging smartphones applications & latest online educational tools. Arab Pharmacists and pharmacy students can share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative and interactive lifelong learning model using emerging online educational technologies (EdTech). They can learn at any time and from anywhere using android devices, personal laptops and iPhone & iPad devices. Arab pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, pharmacists who have Masters and PhD. Degrees, Medical doctors and other health care providers (HCPs) can share their expertise and ask hundreds of questions answered by expert pharmacists and other HCPs. About 450k health care providers from more than 30 countries are following our updates on social media. We have started working on Pharmacy cartoons project since October, 2013 and developed 6 android apps for Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students in Arabic language since January, 1st, 2014. Pharmind website was launched on 1st, Nov, 2014 and supported with Pharmind Q&As Platform. We developed interactive therapeutic puzzles game on April, 10th, 2015. We used online assessment tools to assess the knowledge healthcare professionals regarding many topics related to pharmacotherapeutics. We are still working on making pharmacy education more interactive, interesting and collaborative between thousands of millennial Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students who are using emerging web tools in their daily life.


    Pharmacy Cartoons Project

    We are working on creating educational pharmacy cartoons and comics in Arabic language for pharmacists, pharmacy students and other healthcare providers. Furthermore, we are planning to make educational cartoons for general public about the safe and proper use of medicines.

    Stay Updated with Us

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    Ramez M. Alkoudmani, RPh, MSc, PhD. Candidate (Clinical Pharmacy)
    Ramez M. Alkoudmani, RPh, MSc, PhD. Candidate (Clinical Pharmacy) Founder of

    About Ramez M. Alkoudmani

    Ramez M. Alkoudmani is the founder of Pharmind. Ramez is Syrian talented researcher, pharmapreneur, millennial pharmacy practice educator. He is decisive, tireless, forthright and focused achiever. With his "Growth Mindset" I have, his unique highest value at his best is "Untraditional Genius". He strives for excellence in his field (Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice) towards implementing knowledge in achieving success and sustainability for tomorrow. He sets clear expectations, establishes consequences, accelerates urgency, concentrates on details, depends on deadlines and uses rational risks to drive action. He delivers high quality results on deadline, admired for his diligence, reliability, and efficiency. He speaks the language of confidence and details. He keeps his eyes on the ball and on the top of his game, he is often described as organized, proactive and detail-oriented. He is a person who stay on track to see a project to completion.
    Ramez is working with other international researchers on different research projects related to field of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice. He is interested in using web 2.0 tools and e-learning in medical and pharmacy education, Pharmacovigilance, IoT and AI in healthcare settings, telehealth and web based treatments or any research topic related to pharmacy practice.
    Ramez believes that pharmacy profession is in an exceptional position in the healthcare settings. Pharmacists are accessible, trusted and medication experts and the future of pharmacy depends on leadership in patient clinical services and patient centered care. Furthermore, He believe that social media, mHealth, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have promising advantages in healthcare where patients and healthcare professionals are connected smartly towards providing the best health care services.

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