Social Learning

Ahyaha Pharnind helps you to learn with pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health care providers at anytime and from anywhere

Mobile Learning

You can use your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, iPhoneto learn interactively with other learners

Pharmacy Games

Games have been utilized in Ahyaha Pharmind to make learning more intersting and fun

Android Apps

Android apps have been developed to share knowledge with thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health care providers

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Pharmind Overview

Pharmind is an Online Educational Community which launched since Aug, 2011 by Ramez M. AlKoudmani. Arab Pharmacists and pharmacy students can share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative and interactive lifelong learning model using emerging online educational technologies (EdTech). They can learn at any time and from anywhere using android devices, personal laptops and iPhone & iPad devices. Arab pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, pharmacists who have Masters and PhD. Degrees, Medical doctors and other health care providers (HCPs) can share their expertise and ask hundreds of questions answered by expert pharmacists and other HCPs. We have more than 150,000 health care providers who follow our updates on Facebook. We have started working on Pharmacy cartoons project since October, 2013. We have developed 6 android apps for Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students in Arabic language since January, 1st, 2014. Ahyaha web-based and mobile Educational Community had launched on April, 25th, 2014. Ahyaha Pharmind website had launched on 1st, Nov, 2014 and supported with Ahyaha Pharmind Q&As Platform on 8th, Mar, 2015. We have launched Pharmacy Training Game (PTG) on April, 10th, 2015 and still working on develop it and make it more interesting as a training and evaluation tool. Ahyaha Pharmind website helps to connect Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students in one e-platform and use emerging smartphones applications & latest online educational tools. I'm still working with my team on making pharmacy education more interactive, interesting and collaborative between thousands of millennial Arab pharmacists and pharmacy students who are using emerging web tools in their daily life.

Pharmacy Cartoons

Pharmacy cartoons project helps Arab pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health care providers (HCPs) to refresh their medication information knowledge with more fun!

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